Treating And Preventing Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is a common condition. It can be very annoying especially if you can’t find ways to get rid of it. While it can be a result of straining the wrist from typing, it can also be caused by lifting heavy weights. By knowing the exact reason for the pain, you can apply appropriate measures in order to eliminate it and prevent it from occurring again.Never try to diagnose yourself without knowing the exact cause for your wrist pain. Observe the accompanying symptoms first and check the severity of the pain by moving your hand in a circular motion. Two of the possible causes are tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendons due to overexertion while CPS is a result of repetitive stress.Depending on the cause, wrist pain can be alleviated by performing stretching exercises. With arms outstretched, close your fist into a ball and move it up and down. Using hand exercise balls are also effective ways of relieving the wrist of pain. Aside from that, you may also apply cold compression. Get an ice pack and wrap it in your wrist until the pain is subsides.As much as possible, do not engage in strenuous activities such as lifting weights while your wrist is still in pain. Doing so may further worsen the condition. Exercises such as push-ups, dumbbell curls, and bench press can result to this if not done correctly. Therefore, observe proper workout posture to avoid injuries particularly in the wrists.More and more people are suffering from wrist pain as a result of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. To avoid this type of condition, check your ergonomics while working with the computer. Most wrist pains are a result of straining the hands and wrists by working long hours without pausing. If your job involves typing long documents, make sure your arms are well-rested on the desk while using the keyboard. If possible, take a moment every now and then to stretch your hands.At the initial occurrence of wrist pain, apply ice immediately. By following simple guidelines such as these, you can be sure to treat and even prevent this without effort. However, in case any of these tips do not work for you, it is best advised that you seek help from a professional.

Relieve Wrist Pain Now

Wrist and hand pain can be cause by a variety of reasons, tennis, typing, driving, or even cutting veggies. If it only happens occasionally or happens all the time you should consider a few ways to help relieve it. You might be thinking it only happens every now and then, but this can turn into all the time if you don’t follow a few tips.Pain is cause by nerves in your body trying to let you know something is wrong. If you don’t do anything about this it only gets worse as time goes by. I will give you a few simple tips that will help you with your hand and wrist pain. These tips are very effective, and can greatly reduce your pain.1. Very gently flex your wrist back and forth for five minutes. When you have pain in your body tends to tighten the muscles. By flexing your wrist and fingers you will be able to loosen up the muscle so the don’t constrict as bad. When you muscles are tight, it will start to restrict your blood flow and circulation. Try to do this four or five times a day and it will greatly reduce some of the pain.2. There are certain foods you can eat that have Anti-Inflammatory properties in them. You can take drugs like Ibuprofen, but people end up becoming dependent on these. Drugs in general are only masking the pain, and not providing any long term help. Anti-inflammatory foods are safe and you will not get dependent on them to get you through the day.3. Do not use ice packs on the pain. While this might relieve the pain temporarily, it is not very effective. When the cold hits the muscles it makes them contract and squeeze out the blood. When the cold leaves the muscles it does the opposite, and the blood comes rushing back in. Instead, dunk your wrist into a bucket of cold water several times. This will make your muscle contract several times, and will loosen up the muscles. You want circulation to the area affected by pain. You don’t want to stop if for a long period of time.4. Massage the pain away. You can use your hand or find a great vibrating massager to help relieve the pain. Massaging helps loosen the muscles and improve the circulation to the wrist and hands. Squeezing the area that has pain is very effective at making the muscles looser.These are just a few tips and you can find many more. If you use some of these you should be able to reduce your pain quite a bit. Check below to get your pain relieving tips.